Wee: ‘Multilingual road signs in Kuching good but nobody should take law into own hands’

Datuk Richard Wee – File photo

KUCHING: It is good to have multilingual road signs in the city to reflect the state’s multiculturalism but no one should take the law into one’s own hands, said Sarawak Federation of Chinese Associations (SFCA) president Datuk Richard Wee.

He opined that the Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) would eventually roll out multilingual road signs just as its counterparts Kuching South City Council (MBKS) and Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) did.

“They (DBKU) would have their own plan to roll it out. It is good to have multilingual road signs to showcase our multi-cultural state, which is good for tourism because a lot of Chinese will travel to our state in future.

“But for DAP (Democratic Action Party) to do it their way seems a very blatant case, trying to challenge the authorities,” he told The Borneo Post here today.

He was prompted for comments on the state DAP, led by former Stampin MP Julian Tan, affixing Chinese characters to road signs in the Main Bazaar, city centre here yesterday.

This act by DAP Sarawak was without the approval of the DBKU, which has jurisdictions over the public properties in the city centre.

Judging by the law itself, Wee said what the DAP had done was akin to vandalism given that road signs are public property.

He said the DAP Sarawak ought to have thought about the consequences before affixing Chinese characters to those road signs, even though the political party meant it well.

“No one is above the law – and what kind of example are they (DAP) trying to set?

“To me, it is a childish way to seek publicity or gain political mileage. It is a good thing to have multilingual road signs, but there is a proper way of doing it,” he added.

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