Strive to protect Covid-19 high-risk groups, Health DG advises public

KUCHING: Everyone should always be aware of the importance of protecting those who have high risk of being infected with Covid-19, reminds Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

According to him, individuals classified as high-risk groups are senior citizens, pregnant women, patients with chronic health conditions – namely those with diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and other severe illnesses, as well as those with low immunity such as those diagnosed with cancer or HIV.

Adding on, he says these vulnerable groups have a higher risk of being infected with Covid-19, of which complications could lead them to death.

In this regard, he appeals to these high-risk groups to always comply with the standard operating procedures set by the authorities, to avoid going to crowded places, and to always wear face masks should they need to go to any crowded or confined place.

“It is the responsibility of family members or guardians living with these high-risk individuals to ensure that everyone would receive immediate treatment should anyone exhibit the symptoms. They must also make sure that the high-risk groups practise good personal hygiene,” Dr Noor Hisham wrote on his Facebook post yesterday.

He also advised everyone to fully observe physical distancing between one another.

“Physical distancing of at least one metre is required so as to protect everyone, especially those from the high-risk groups, from possible Covid-19 infection,” he added.

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