Many cannot afford another MCO

Mardelina, Silla, Afizah, Fariezah & Riati.

KOTA KINABALU: Many netizens share the views that Sabah cannot afford another movement control order (MCO), but if the number of new Covid-19 cases keeps increasing, it would be the best way to stop it.

Yesterday, Malaysia recorded 287 new cases – the highest daily figure since the novel coronavirus hit our shores earlier this year, with 113 cases detected in Sabah.

Starting midnight yesterday, the Federal government had implemented the inter-district controls throughout Sabah, which is effective until Oct 16, to control the virus from spreading.

Although many are affected by the measure, most Sabahans accepted it with an open heart as they are still allowed to do business and work as usual.

Inter-district controls aren’t better than MCO.

Mardelina Madsah, who works for an infrastructure and business solutions company in Inanam, said the previous MCO had badly affected the economy, resulting with many people losing their jobs.

She said MCO should be the last option, but if necessary everyone should be prepared for the worst.
“We saw how MCO affected our economy, but it helped in controlling the spread.

“If the situation is not showing any improvement, MCO is something that we have to accept,” she said.

Silla Doughty, an event organizer, said it was not easy for her company to cancel a few events due to the MCO but she believes it is the best decision made by the government at that moment.

The people, she said, must support any government’s decision if it is for their safety.

“The MCO was very stressful for many business, as we can see many were forced to close down.

“I also have many friends in the airline companies and other sectors losing their jobs. It is heartbreaking, and I don’t think we can afford to be in that situation anymore.

“However, if MCO is the best option, we cannot do anything but to accept it,” she said.

Afizah Jislih, an online entrepreneur, echoed Silla’s views.

She said it was frustrating to see many people are not observing social distancing and wearing mask after the MCO.

With the state election just concluded, she believed some people who were detected positive may have been infected from the campaigning trails.

“We should accept the new norm. We cannot afford another MCO because many giant companies had closed down during the period.

“Those working in stable companies, at least, have received assistance from the government, but many who are self-employed have suffered badly,” she said.

A teacher in Penampang, Fariezah Rabusah said right after the previous MCO, their workload doubled immediately as they have to abide by the standard operating procedure (SOP).

With the SOP from the Health Ministry, pressures also coming from the Education Ministry and parents who are like us wanting the best for the children.

“It is exhausting, especially when we have to entertain additional demand from outside but we are trying to cope with it. It is about adjusting here and there.

“I personally see some friends experiencing depression due to some reasons after the MCO, but after sometimes, their conditions have improved,” she said.

Riati Omar, who took the opportunity to sell packed food during the MCO, said business was good at that time, but most of her customers were those who still have job.

With another MCO and more people losing their jobs, she believes food business will be equally affected.

“The government had distributed cash aid during the MCO, and many people benefited from it.

“But how about another MCO and the government cannot afford another cash aid? We should be looking at bigger picture and must follow the SOPs, otherwise we will have to pay the price,” she said.

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