Flood evacuees in Sarawak drop to 823 victims, 9 evacuation centres remain open

KUCHING (Feb 7): The number of victims who were displaced by the flood in Samarahan and Serian has decreased to a total of 823 from 273 families as of 4pm as compared to 987 from 324 families earlier today.

State Disaster Management Committee in a statement also revealed that four flood evacuation centres have been closed, leaving only nine to be operational.

The four are Dewan SK Tebakang, Serian which was closed at 1pm, SK St Patrick, Serian (1pm), Balai Raya Babuk Bandar Ranchan, Serian (2pm) and Dewan Buk Janjun, Serian (2pm).

The other remaining centres in Samarahan division are Dewan Masyarakat Lubok Buntin which is currently catering to a total of 27 victims from seven families; Dewan Mesra Simunjan (96 victims, 37 families), Dewan Kampung Entangor, Sebuyau (40 victims, 17 families) and Masjid Kampung Seruyuk, Sebuyau (12 victims, four families).

In Serian, the centres are Dewan Kampung Slabi Entukuh (42 victims, nine families), SK Tanah Puteh (350 victims, 115 families), Dewan Masyarakat Serian (148 victims, 52 families), Dewan Kampung Rimba Padi (75 victims, 25 families) and Dewan Serbaguna Ranchan (33 victims, eight families).

Sumber: Borneo Post Online

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