First ever online CNY Foh Sang night market

KOTA KINABALU: To avoid massive gathering in CNY night market and to curb pandemic, DAP Luyang assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe will organize the first ever online Chinese New Year Night Market for Foh Sang.

He welcomes the public to join him online at their respective homes and the public could also take this opportunity to purchase their favourite Chinese New Year products too and there would also be performances streamed online.

Phoong revealed that the main objective of organizing an online night market is to reduce the risk of triggering a community cluster and also to provide a convenient platform for the public to purchase products without leaving their houses.

“Despite the government allowing night markets to be reopened but we all know that Chinese New Year markets are different comparing to normal night markets, we do not want to risk and create crowds and that is why we came up with an idea to run an online night market,” he explained.

The online Foh Sang Chinese New Year Night Market will be held on the February 9 starting from 6pm on his official Facebook Page, Phoong Jin Zhe.

The event was announced on Phoong’s official Facebook page today and it has gained a thousand “like” and more than two hundred sharing the post.

He also mentioned that a lot of youngsters are away from home and they are unable to return home this year for CNY due to the severe situation of the pandemic.

“We understand that everyone misses home and they miss the liveliness of the night markets and the festive environment of Chinese New Year.

“We hope to recreate these familiar and lively scenes online to reach out to everyone so that those away from home can still celebrate together,” said Phoong.

The event is still recruiting for both online stalls and performers.

For more information you can contact Eklan (online stalls) at 010-2851308 and Desmond (performers) at 016-8991137.

The performers would be participating in the form of VCR and the online stalls are selected randomly.

Phoong invites the public to join and have fun on February 9 online at his official Facebook page.

He also hopes that this would help promote the products of the local businesses and help lessen their burdens during this Covid-19 outbreak.

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